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A hurry-scurry European trip. Part 2
  • A hurry-scurry European trip. Part 2

  • The bus went along the Seine river to the Notre-Dame de Paris. Автобус поехал вдоль Сены к Собору Парижской Богоматери. The mass was in the progress, the atmosphere inside the cathedrale is spellbinding and it is beyond words or photos, so watch this short video. В соборе шла служба, атмосфера внутри с[...]
A hurry-scurry european trip. Part 1
  • A hurry-scurry european trip. Part 1

  • This is the story about my short trip to Europe and a quick overview of the 4 European cities I've visited. Это история о моей коротенькой поездке в Европу и краткий обзор 4-х европейских городов, которые я посетила. Friedrichshafen. Germany.  / Фридрихсхафен. Германия. Well I'll start from this small hote[...]

  • This park is located in Kibbutz Bahan, not far from Netanya, Israel. You'll find here tropical rain forest and water plants, mini zoo and musical fountain, a maze of hedges, and of course different types of beautiful orchids, and many more interesting things. Этот парк расположен в кибуце Бахан, не далеко от гор[...]