Welcome! And thank you for visiting my web site.
My name is Alina. I am from Russia. I was always fascinated by the world of visual arts, but started to create the images of beautiful world and beautiful people only after I got my diploma in international accounting. After graduating from university I had experience of working on TV as copywriter, assistant of photographer, retoucher and photo book designer. Since 2010 I published my photographs on thematic photo exhibitions. Besides of commercial photo shoots I was taking part in charity events such as photographing children in the orphanage for regional data bank site, etc..

In 2012 with the support of the Khabarovsk office of the Russian Children’s Fund I became a co-organizer of 3 exhibitions in the genre of children’s and family photography. We made this events for developing family photography in our region, and for supporting important social values such as family, motherhood and childhood.

In 2014 started “Getaways” project, the highlights about countries, places, resorts, hotel and their special atmosphere.


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